Working Out While Trying to Conceive

This is a HUGE struggle, should I workout while trying to conceive especially during the two-week wait. It’s hard enough dealing with the fact that EVERYONE around you is pregnant and thinking it’s all your fault that you aren't. My out is exercising. 

Nothing to do with Luck

You don’t need to do all the things 100% every day but you need to do small things 1% better then you did the day before. Here is the thing… If you make small adjustments to small things they turn into big things (and this can be in either direction). I am going to use my journey as an example.

Cancer and Fertility

After a cancer diagnosis, you begin a rush to harvest some eggs because you don't always know going into your surgery your exact treatment. We knew at some point this (IVF) might be the route we would have to go down just not in rapid-fire mode. We had exactly 20 days from cycle day 1 until surgery day, all the doctors talked and we got the go-ahead to start the egg retrieval process. To be honest we knew nothing out about it. It's a lot of paperwork work and crazy decisions at first.

Surgery Day - August 20th, 2019

This day was absolutely the scariest day of my life. I mean I had already birthed a child, had back surgery and went through an ectopic pregnancy what else could be scarier than a 5+ hour surgery?  The night before surgery my doctor called to walk me through everything, we went over when I could eat, drink and what to expect. It made me feel more comfortable and a little relieved to hear from her.

Surgery Recovery - Day 1

Your support system is everything! My husband was great at the hospital along with all the nurses helping me to get home! My nurses were amazing, they both were breast cancer survivors which made it even more comforting to know that they have been through what I was dealing with. It made me feel safe! They did an amazing job of getting me up and moving and preparing me for my time at home.