Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some of the most asked questions on this page. If your question still goes unanswered, don’t hesitate to direct message me on facebook, instagram or send me an email.

Workout related questions

What workout should I be doing?

Depending on your current fitness level and long term goals will depend on where you start.

Take this quiz and it will help you find the perfect program for where you are currently at on your health and fitness journey.

How long before I get results?

Well as you probably know results don’t happen overnight. You have to make a commitment to change. If you truly sit down, write out your goals, your why and how you are going to achieve this you can start seeing results in as little as 21 days (3 weeks).  Long term goals will take a bit longer. If you have tried making a change before and you failed or reached the goal and fell back into the wrong habits we have some work to do! I am here to support you and show you the way and get you those results the RIGHT way! Click here to get started: LINK

Is there a beginner program?

We have programs from beginner to expert! Take this short quiz to find out where you should start!

Do I have to work out at home?

You should workout wherever you feel comfortible. If this means your living room, your garage, a private gym or a class you do you! You have to feel comfortable! The on demand workouts are vary versitele and you can take them anywhere! Ofter when traveling I take them right into the hotel gyms or on the lawn if I am in a spot with nice weather! If you are a one on one client with a specific workout plan you can do them from home or at the gym! These options are endless!

How do I access the workouts?

You will have a private login to access all the workouts! If you using the streaming service you can access from a computer, labtop, ipad, Roku, Fire Stick or Apple TV. If you don’t have access to WiFi you can download them when you do and save them to the device to access at a later time.

If you are a one on one client you will have access to your specific plan via email or the website.

How much time does it take?

With so many options we will find the plan that works with your time constraints. Some workouts are as short as 15 minutes and some are 60 minutes.

The most common reason people state they can exercise is because they don’t have time. I would ask you to try out this simple exercise for 3 days. Get a notebook and write down all the things you do throughout the day. I PROMISE you we can find time within that 24 hour period to make healthier choices. HINT HINT scrolling Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Do I have to take a bunch of supplements?

Some of my clients take zero supplements and some take a few. It really depends on what you are looking for. Do you struggle with energy, are you lacking essential vitamins, do you need a little help with curving that sweet tooth. If the answer to those questions is NO, then you don’t need anything. If the answer is maybe or yes, then I might have some suggesttions for you. You are not obligated to use anything, this is your journey and I am just providing the feedback and tools to get you to your goal.

Do I need special equipment?

Basic equipment is helpful but not necessary. We have several programs that just use body weight or focus on cardio. I think as you step up your fitness game you will see the investement in free weights or adjustable weights to be beneficial but it is not necessary to get results.

Nutrition related questions

Can I still drink alcohol?

Alcohol is not completely off limits, but if you want maximal results you will want to cut back or eliminate.

Alcohol is full of empty calories. Trust me when I say this is a decision you will make on your own. I still enjoy a cocktail here and there!

Do I have to drink shakes?

Not at all. Do I have options you can try out that I use on a daily basis of course.

I do not use them as a meal replacment they are simply a tool to help elimiate cravings or add in the extra nutrients that you are not getting from your daily diet.

Do I have to starve myself?

This is a total misconception! You will actually find yourself eating more than before!

You will just be eating the right foods and throughout the day! Nine out of 10 times people are surprised by how much food they can eat!

Coach related

How do I become a coach?

If you have a strong desire to share your love of health and fitness we are always accepting new coaches on our team. Contact me directly to set up a one on one call on all the coaching details.

Coaching can provide the following:

  • Extra Accountability
  • Extra Income
  • Free Trips
  • Monthly Incentives
  • Flexible Schedule